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Andy Jamieson
Founder of the Academy
Hi folks, I'm excited you're here!

I've been a personal trainer for over 10 years now and I've been lucky enough to help transform the bodies and lives of lots of really cool professional men and women from all across the UK.
    Please watch the free video presentation above if you haven't already.

    During the video, I reveal why I set up my Online Academy, a custom built membership site:

    A definitive place for you to come and get the care, support and knowledge you need to get 
    LEAN for Life.

    By learning my powerful, proven approach - that works for everyone who is ready to commit and engage with the process.
    •  You can use it to lose weight safely and effectively from all over your body so you can feel fantastic in your clothes when you're out for special occasions or going on holiday.
    • You can use it to improve your sleep, energy and fitness so you can perform at the top of your game both at work and at home.
    • ​You can use it to manage and overcome daily stress so you can live a more relaxed and happier life.
    I didn’t realise when I started, that, not only does it……….

    Help you do all this and get you in incredible shape 

    But it actually ………..

    Empowers you to life life on your terms 

    and enjoy the things you want to do in your life 

    without your body holding you back.

    whether that’s….going after a new job or starting your dream business, 

    Having the confidence to put yourself out there for a new relationship,

    or even having the capacity to set a wonderful example for your family

    Don't Just Take MY Word For It...
    See What The Cool Professional People I've Worked With Have Said!
    "I went from a size 16 to a size 10, lost over 25kg and 24cm from my waist."

    "I feel so much healthier, fitter and also have a bit more of my confidence back, I am going to sign up for a couple of dance classes again, which is something I wouldn’t have done before."
    Emma - London

    "What can I say about Andy? He literally helped me change my life! 
    42lbs down, below 100kg for the first time in 12 years and feeling awesome! 

    I was pretty much at rock bottom, physically and mentally drained and desperate for change.

    Andy helped me through a perfect balance of intelligent reasoning to food and exercise and complete empathy towards where I was coming from, and where I wanted to be.

    The mental change he has installed in me towards food and beyond has had twice the benefit of the physical changes
    James - London
    "It has made me believe that I can help myself if I put my mind to it. It has been a brilliant learning curve for my nutritional needs and function of my body. 
    I have lost 15.5kg and 20 cm around my waist as well as a considerable amount around my hips!
    Santa - Latvia
    The educational side of what we should be fuelling our body with and the training regime has been significantly different to what I was doing before.

    I've lost just over 28lbs and 6-7 inches from my waist and my body shape has changed significantly!
    Luke -Glasgow
    "This has definitely been the best investment of time and money I have ever made! Thanks, Andy!"
    Natalie  - London
    "Working with Andy made my confidence in the gym environment grow. 

    And has changed the way I plan my life and how I view food. 

    I have much more control over my own path and what I choose to do than ever before."

    I have the knowledge and skill that I have learned from him to help to continue to get the lifestyle and weight that is right for me."

    I can't thank Andy enough!
    Kirsty  - Glasgow
    Simon, from Birmingham, who had never used the gym before, took charge of his health and body, Well Done, Simon!
    Simon  - Birmingham

    Working with Andy has been the best decision I have made. Andy is very serious, knows a lot about health and exercise and is really, really supportive!"
    Laura  - Brazil
    "Andy has a completely different approach to anything I have done in the past. 

    It has changed not only my body shape and my perception of it, but also my approach to my now new lifestyle!

    Sharing your experience with the rest of Andy’s members is a great motivator and it will allow you to continue with your new you forever!

    Jose  - Spain
    "I couldn’t believe the progress pictures – I have lost just over a stone and have muscle definition – you know you feel better but having the pictures proves it.

    I’m now so driven to be like this for the rest of my life. My friends have all commented on how I look 
    which is a great motivation and I feel great!"
    Denise  - Glasgow
    The biggest difference in my life since working with Andy has been around self-confidence.

    I am not sure if Andy believes me when I say this but if it wasn’t for him, I wouldn’t have taken those steps to get out there and without being too fairytale nauseating about it – my partner and I have now moved in with each other and are getting married later in the year.
    Iain  - Glasgow
    The approach works, there is no doubt about that. Not only that but I really enjoyed the exercise part and the eating philosophy is easy to follow. Andy helps you make real and sustainable changes that can be kept forever!
    Fiona  - Glasgow
    "The internet is full of PTs that promise ‘12 week body transformations’ and I’d read enough to know that the reality of these rarely matches what’s suggested – Andy’s explicit statement on his website that this is NOT what he offers gave him credibility "
    Imran  - Glasgow
    "If you really want to see results - not just a quick fix, but real lasting results - then this is the place for you"
    Salma  - Glasgow
    "I was delighted to find that I was looking for clothes 3 sizes smaller and found myself feeling healthy and energetic for the first time in years! My self image improved and my confidence in managing my new lifestyle has grown with the tools Andy has given me."
    Rachel  - Glasgow
    because you're here today, I want to make you a very special offer called

    ACCESS+ Membership

    It gives you 90 days access to all the benefits my academy has to offer 

    #1 My Video Lesson Course 

    Where I teach you everything you need to know about getting into the shape of your life. 

    You can work through the course at your own pace, watching over 40 actionable Video Lessons complete with graphics and illustrations.

    Instead of having to wade your way through a huge PDF manual and work out where to start for yourself.

    You’ll learn my smart, simple LEAN for Life approach and a whole lot more…

    Leaving you fitter and healthier than ever!

    #2 Use Of The Visual Meal Diary Tool

    The Visual Meal Diary is possibly the powerful tool in the Academy.

    With the ease and speed of uploading pictures of your meals instead of the hassle of trying to remember everything you’ve eaten like with a traditional written food diary.
We get a unique insight into how you eat and the choices you make with your nutrition, in real time, showing me what you’re eating on a daily basis.

    So I can help you develop a healthy relationship with food - this means no weighing your food or counting calories.

    And something most people love hearing - that dieting or going on a diet - will be a thing of the past!

    #3 Use Of The Workout Builder

    The Workout builder makes training straightforward so you know exactly what to do and most importantly HOW to do it. 

    Whether you’re training in the gym or at home, you can pick from workouts built by me 

    or build your own custom workouts… based on the equipment you have at your disposal.

    This means you won’t waste your time or get hurt on your way to LIFE CHANGING results. 

    Banking your workouts consistently, keeps you accountable - by letting me see you’re getting your training done -.so no more excuses for not working out!

    #4 Monthly Tracking

    What’s measured can be managed!

    We track your engagement levels by monitoring how you’re getting on with completing the video lessons, banking your workouts and populating the visual meal diary. 

    And by asking you to record key statistics and upload progress pictures.

    This means you won’t get stuck or go backwards because we’re keeping a close eye on everything.

    Doing this regularly, gives us a clear picture of the progress you’re making and the areas we need to focus on the most!

    #5 Access To The Resources Hub

    Home to the exclusive and bespoke tools I’ve developed and collated to help oil the process.

    You’ll find everything you need here like the Meal Builder, Shopping List and Carb Spectrum infographics. 

    Useful links to body measurement devices and the Academy library where my community and I share our book recommendations.

    This means you can forget having to scour the internet for the information you need -

    You’ll find it all in the Resources Hub!

    #6 Direct Messaging with Andy

    The Academy’s Messenger gives you direct access to me as often as you need it.  

    Whether it’s asking any questions you have, sharing what you’re struggling with or any other random thoughts that come into your mind - I'm only ever a message away!

    You never need to feel lost or uncertain - we’ll work together to keep you on track and moving towards your goals!

    Special Bonus #1: 1-1 Set Up Call 

    If you’ve ever ordered any kind of info product before, you’ll know that a lot of the time, you’ll hear tonnes from the company or person selling to you.

    With emails, videos and whatever else trying to get you to sign up. But often as soon as you have signed up, you then hear very little...

    Well, that’s not the case with me and the Academy.

    Quite the opposite in fact!

    I speak to every single member personally to welcome you and make sure you’re getting set up and comfortable with all the Academy has to offer.

    Special Bonus #2: LIFETIME ACCESS 
    To My Members WhatsApp Group

    One of the biggest issues, when you’re going through a big process of change like this, is that you expect your family, friends and colleagues to support your efforts. 

    But unfortunately this isn’t always the case - because often - people don’t like change!

    Well, I want you to know - that you won’t be alone on your journey:

    Because not only will I be right behind you every step of the way but so will my amazing community of special, inspiring individuals.

    Who get what you’re going through because they’re going through it with you!

    My Members’ Whatsapp Group is where you can join in with the fun, enriching chat , share encouragement, support and meal ideas with like minded people. 

    And be there for each other through the ups and downs along the way.

    You’ll also have access to exclusive content I only share within the members group.

    And I’m offering this to you today FOR LIFE!

    To show you how committed I am to making sure this is the last time you need to think about where to go to get the special support you need to make a lasting change this time!
    SO To Recap, whEN YOU JOIN Access+ today
    For the next 90 days you will get:


    If all joining my Academy today does for you is give you the CONFIDENCE in your body to EMPOWER you to do what you want in your life

    Would it be worth the full asking price?

    Because you’re here today, you can…

    100% Satisfaction Guaranteed 
    Or Your Money Back

    I want to make sure that this offer will actually work for you, so I’m going to put my money where my mouth is. I PROMISE you will be rewarded for the hard work you put in! 
    But if for any reason, after 30 days, you still don't think the Academy and working with me is for you, I will give you 100% of your money back, no questions asked!

    Imagine What Your Life Will be Like When You Start Getting Results Like These...

    This very Special Offer is only available to the first 50 MEMBERS who sign up within the next 7 DAYS, after that, it will be taken down and you won’t see it again!

    A Final Word From Andy...

    This journey is about so much more than simply losing weight. 

    It's about discovering your true self again by re-gaining control and building confidence in your body.

    It's time to live life on your terms.

    See you in the Academy soon!


    take the VITAL first step!
    The time is now...

    Frequently asked Questions

    When can I get started?
    Today! All you need is your smartphone and access to a gym or home workout equipment and you're all set!
    What happens after 90 days?
    90 days is not a long time when it comes to making life long chnages to your body, we hope that you find the Adacemy lifechanging and a valuable tool. We offer a monthly subscription for access to the Academy at £60 per month.
    Do I have to train at a gym?
    In my experience the gym is the best environment to achieve your goals because it is the safest and most effective place to train in.

    So I would encourage you to explore joining a gym at some point. But you can follow the home workouts if you can't get to the gym for any reason.

    I can advise you if you need help picking the best gym for you in your area.
     Does this involve extreme dieting?
    I don’t ask you to follow any sort of diet.

    Instead, I teach you how to eat to nourish and fuel a lean and healthy body - inside and out - making dieting a thing of the past.
    Is your Action Plan hard to follow?
    True change is always challenging but I aim to make this journey as simple and smooth as possible by teaching you how to fit your action plan into your existing life and day to day schedule.
    I am a complete beginner, is this for me?
    Yes, absolutely.

    This is for people who have never set foot in a gym before and have little or no existing knowledge or feel what they have done before has come up short

    It's also for people who’ve been fit before but have let things slip and find their weight ‘yo-yoing’.

    If you want to be a top level athlete however, this may not be for you.
    How quickly will I start seeing results?
    This is largely down to you - your starting point, background and capabilities.

    I lay out a very clear action plan for you to follow.

    Then it's up to you, with my support and guidance, to walk down that path.

    The straighter you're able to do - that the quicker you will see changes.

    Remember - you want this to be the last time you have to think about losing weight and getting in shape so it's better to move at a smooth consistent pace, rather than taking an "all or nothing" approach.

    By following my guidance, you can expect to feel and see changes within the first 30 days and subsequently a consistent rate of change in all areas - overall health, fitness, mood, body shape, sleep and energy.
    How will the Academy be delivered to me?
    Once you sign-up to the Academy you will be required to fill in a simple form with a few questions and agree to the disclaimer. 

    Once you have done this we will email over your login-in details to get you into the Academy, you will get this in a matter of hours after you submit your form,

    Once you have logged in, please watch the welcome video as it will give you a tour of the Academy, pointing out all the important features you need to be aware of. 
    How do I access the Academy
    The Academy is a responsive web application that can be used on any device that has internet access and a web browser
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